The Connection Between Cinnamon and Weight Loss
Dec 26th, 2011 by Aldouspi

The Connection Between Cinnamon and Weight Loss

By: Peter Nisbet

Cinnamon and Weight Loss

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Cinnamon Sticks For Health


There is a connection between cinnamon and weight loss, which is good news for those that love the taste of cinnamon and also have to lose weight. In fact, cinnamon can be used to help you to lose weight in a healthy way that will compromise neither your immune system nor your cardiovascular system.

Cinnamon is known to have many positive medicinal properties. It is believed to help improve your memory and general brain function, and also possesses antibacterial properties. Add to that the fact that it appears to be effective in reducing the LDL (bad) cholesterol levels in your blood, then cinnamon is a very useful spice to use in your cooking. I find apple and cinnamon pie absolutely divine!

However, one proven property of cinnamon is that it reduces the amount of glucose in your blood (i.e. blood sugar) and also increases insulin levels, which is of benefit to diabetics (Refs 1-2 below). Ingestion of just one gram of cinnamon has been found to lower blood sugar in Type 2 diabetics, and also reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in their blood.

It is this effect that cinnamon has on blood sugar that enables it to help you to reduce weight. The proanthocyanadin contained in cinnamon activates the insulin receptors on your body cells which enables these cells to make use of glucose to generate energy. Thus, your blood sugar (glucose) is used for energy and not to generate fat.

Without these insulin receptors being activated, your cells cannot enable glucose to enter the cellular mitochondria - where it is used in the Krebs Cycle to generate ATP energy. The only other option for glucose, then, is to be metabolized into fat, as an emergency energy source for your body's future use. Hence, you tend to put on weight. The function of insulin is to enable the cells of your body to absorb glucose so that it can used, together with oxygen, in cellular respiration to generate energy. Cinnamon promotes this activity.

Cinnamon and weight loss go hand in hand in that cinnamon helps your fat cells to react to insulin levels, and burns fat when needed to generate energy. By enabling your body to metabolize carbohydrates more readily into glucose and then energy, cinnamon and weight loss are very tightly connected in terms of your metabolism.

There is much more to it than just that, but for now it is enough to understand that cinnamon and weight loss both have a connection with the metabolism of carbohydrates to glucose, the glycolysis of glucose to pyruvate and the cellular oxidation of pyruvate to energy. The more efficient that process, the more fat you will burn and convert to energy.

The good health properties of this spice was known by the Romans, who would burn the tree bark (which cinnamon is) in their homes because it was believed to clean the air and keep them healthy. The Romans did not know why the inhaled cinnamon helped them, but they knew that it did. This is one more example of ancient remedies and usage of herbs and spices for which modern science is able to provide a reason.

So now you know that cinnamon is more than just a flavoring for cookies and apple pie (Mmmm...) - Cinnamon and weight loss are interconnected in a way that you may not fully understand, but that will make you lose weight quicker by reducing the fat stored within your fat cells.

Note: Check with your physician before taking any supplement that can affect insulin or your cardiovascular system. Cinnamon and fat loss supplements are usually fine, but let your doctor know what you are doing if you are already on medication.


  1. Khan A, Safdar M, Ali Khan MM, Khattak KN, Anderson RA (December 2003). "Cinnamon improves glucose and lipids of people with type 2 diabetes". Diabetes Care 26 (12): 3215-8.

  2. Verspohl, Eugen J. et al.; Bauer, K; Neddermann, E (2005). "Antidiabetic effect of Cinnamomum cassia and Cinnamomum zeylanicum In vivo and In vitro". Phytotherapy Research 19 (3): 203-206.

Author Resource:-> More details on how cinnamon and weight loss are so tightly connected are available from Pete the Apple Pie Lover's website where you find many more ways of losing weight and the science behind them. ---- Article From Articles For All

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How to Body Detox & Uses of Detox Foot Patches
Jul 19th, 2011 by Aldouspi

How to Body Detox & Uses of Detox Foot Patches

We live in a toxic age. Our water Is laced with heavy metals. The air we breathe is polluted with carbon byproducts. What we eat is chemically enhanced or genetically modified to last longer, taste better, and fill us up with superfluous calories. Even our body's burning of fats, proteins and sugars for energy creates waste. So cleaning out our guts has to be a good idea, right?

Yes and no. Our body can clean up its own mess, The body does not passively soak up toxins like a sponge. It has defences and resources which constantly act even while you sleep. When toxins enter your body, these are swiftly dealt with. But if our body can take care of its own waste, why do we sometimes feel bloated enough to want to stick a plunger down our gut? Pro-detox experts think we can do with some extra help.

Experts thinks that the body is already detoxifying itself all along, but we live in a toxic environment. We suffer from stress, breathe little fresh air, some smoke & drinks, we also ate foods that are grill which produces dangerous carbon. Detoxifying is a means of strengthening our bodies to cope with these stresses. If we ignore stress-proofing your body, and you may face chronic diseases such as insomnia, fatigue, gastric problems, poor skin and premature aging due to the accumulation of toxins over the years.

Contrary to what we think of detoxifying as literally flushing out blockages in our intestines, there are many detox methods available in the market.

Some detox experts propose herbs and vitamins that suitable for detox, some uses detox foot patches; some encourages vegetarian diet or detox fruits diet.

Herbs used in detox diets are actually meant to strengthen the eliminating organs so that they work better. Herbs fortify the organs with nutrients. Detox foot patches derive from natural trees roots are proven to be non-toxic, they have no side effects, unlike chemical drugs. This detox foot patches are sticks under the foot, and overnight it works via drawing toxins away from our body to the patches, detox foot patches also include negative ions which can helps to refresh our body.

Be detox savvy

Detox programmes aren't for everyone. While most detox diets appear safe as they use natural herbs, and advocate a switch to fruits and vegetables, don't let that lull you into complacency. It can be harmful to health if not done properly. For instance, you shouldn't fast if you are anaemic and your body doesn't have sufficient iron. Those whose health is affected by tumours, bleeding ulcers, cancer, blood diseases, active pulmonary diseases, diabetes, gout, liver, kidney and cerebral diseases should not fast or detox. They should consult doctors for advise. For instance, special fasting programmes consisting of only water or juice should be done no longer than 14 days, this should be done with caution. Other detox programmes like using detox foot patches are much safer and can be followed for up to one and a half months.

What to do

Detox programmes vary in intensity and duration. Some let you gradually shift from your usual diet to raw fruits and vegetables, as well as herbs and vitamins prescribed to suit your body's needs. You never actually do juice or water fasting alone. Such fasts deprive your body of essential nutrients and can harm your health. Sometimes, using detox foot patches, massage and dry body brushing are incorporated into the programme to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage so that your body can flush the toxins out more efficiently.

A good and effective detox programme should support the elimination organs like the liver, kidneys, colon and the lymphatic system. The most important and simple thing to do during detox is to drink 1.5 to two litres of water a day to flush out toxins and waste products.

Who would benefit from a detox?

Most of us, it seems. Rare is the individual who doesn't keep a hectic lifestyle, indulge in alcohol and/or a diet nigh in fat, sugar, and salt but low in vegetables and fruit. If you're feeling constantly fatigued and stressed, they're already signs that your body can do with some detoxifying.

Before you start on any programme, get clearance from your doctor. Here are some organ-specific programmes from detox experts:

Liver : What it does: Its main function is to filter toxins for excretion. Blood that passes through the intestines can reach the heart and lungs only after passing through the liver. How to detox it: detox plans for the liver can range from simple to advanced. A basic plan, for instance, includes milk thistle, dandelion (from health stores in capsule form), and a vegetarian diet with no alcohol for one to three weeks. You can repeat it every six months.

Kidneys : What they do: These are the other filtering organs that cleanse the blood of waste products. The kidneys contain millions of tiny filtering units called nephrons that separate nutrients from waste, then send waste into the urine. How to detox them: Drink two cups of dandelion-leaf tea and one cup of nettle tea a day to flush out the kidneys and help with fluid retention. If that's too much liquid to take, stick to the dandelion-leaf tea. Take the mix for six to eight weeks, one cup twice a day.

Skin : What it does: Sweat glands carry waste products, primarily urea and ammonia, from the body to be excreted in the form of perspiration. How to detox it: Ginger or marigold tea is a good remedy to try. Drink a cup two to three times a day for up to four weeks.

Intestines : What they do: The small intestine absorbs nutrients, leaving waste material to enter the large intestine or colon, then the rectum for elimination. The large intestine also absorbs needed water and minerals. How to detox them: one teaspoon of psyllium husks (from health stores) mixed in 150ml of juice or water. Drink it before bed, followed by 250ml of water afterwards. Take the mix for six to eight weeks, one teaspoon once a day.

Probiotics, the supplement of the moment, can also give your intestines a boost. Look for those that contain 15 billion organisms per capsule. "Take them for four weeks, then give your system a break for one to two weeks. This is to allow your digestive system to build a conducive environment for the good bacteria to thrive in. You can continue the course for half a year.

Gall Bladder : What it does: It stores bile - a fat-digesting and acid-neutralising liquid that is continually secreted by the liver. How to detox it: Blend the juice of two grapefruits with one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Drink this two to three times a week for six to eight weeks.


For a detox starting point, a brief abstinence from rich foods and alcohol will do the trick. Stop eating rich foods and drinking alcohol for a period of time. Instead, drink plenty of plain water and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. For further improvement alternatives, water and fruits detox programme, herbals or using detox foot patches is a good choice.

San-Mizu is a Health Care Company in marketing of detox foot patches, traditional TCM, lingzhi, contact lens, water filters, health products, etc. Pls visit us at

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