Vegetarian Cyclists Nutrition
Dec 29th, 2013 by Aldouspi

Vegetarian Cyclists Nutrition

“The average person has about the same amount of iron in their body as a large rusty nail. It’s purpose in the body is to help with the formation of red blood cells that are used to transport oxygen to a cyclists hard working muscles. A deficiency of iron could lead to anemia and the associated symptoms of tiredness and fatigue. In athletes where the risks of over training are high (such as in cycling) it is vitally important to maintain high levels of iron in order to maintain performance. Symptoms of Iron Deficiency in Cyclists Symptoms of iron deficiency are not unique to the condition and can easily be mistaken for general states of tiredness. To the cyclist however, many of the symptoms can simply be diagnosed as over training when in fact a deficiency can be a cause of the symptoms. Symptoms of iron deficiency include: Fatigue Weakness Brittle Nails Irritability Paleness of colour in the face/tongue Pica (a strange craving for mineral rich non food substances such as dust or sand) Vegetarians and iron Iron is one of the most difficult minerals for our bodies to breakdown and absorb. In addition endurance athletes such as cyclists lose iron during exercise and therefore need to ensure iron intake is high to maintain the correct levels. Add to this that vegetarians generally have a lower iron intake because of their diet (see below) and it is easy to see why cyclists with vegetarian diets need to pay particular attention to their iron intake to avoid an iron deficiency. Foods that are rich in iron Most mild iron deficiencies in cyclists can be corrected by changes in diet that result in an increase in the consumption of iron rich foods. Generally foods contain two types of iron: Heme iron sources are usually found in meats and are much more easily broken down and absorbed by the body than non-heme ironthat is usually found in vegetables and grains. The foods listed below have high iron content; Lean red meats, chicken, turkey Fish (eaten by some vegetarians) Eggs Beans (fresh or baked), lentils, chick peas Nuts Fortified breakfast cereals Brown Rice Tofu Wholewheat bread Leafy greens such as spinach and broccoli Dried fruit such as apricots, prunes, raisins Avocado Iron Absorption Most vegetarian diets do not contain as much iron as a non-veg one. The interesting thing about iron as mentioned above is that the body finds it very hard to absorb. Vitamin C has been found to be great at helping the body absorb iron. Foods particularly rich in vitamin C such as oranges, kiwi, broccoli, kale, tomatoes, peppers and orange juice can massively increase the amount of iron you can absorb. Therefore if you are a vegetarian be sure to make sure you include these types of foods in your diet. On the flip side tea has been found to impede iron absorption so again try to avoid drinking tea with or immediately after your meals. Iron Supplements Iron supplements are usually not required unless you have very severe iron defficiency. Too much iron can be very bad for the body and so most doctors recommend treating any deficiencies purely through the adaption of diet. Donating Blood If you give blood you usually have about 1 pint removed each time which equates to about 10% of the total blood in your body. If you have particularly low iron levels the nurse may send you away without taking any blood telling you to increase your iron intake. Assuming you do give blood, you will need to pay attention to your diet to help your body recover it’s hemoglobin levels as quickly as possible. Your on bike performance should not be affected for moderate rides however during high intensity rides (races, interval training etc) you may notice a drop in performance until your body has recovered which can take up to 14 days.”

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Foods That Burn Fat Quick – 7 Fat Burning Foods
Jul 11th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Foods That Burn Fat Quick - 7 Fat Burning Foods

"Give me a checklist of foods that burn fat fast" is a quite common asked question on various weight loss and diet forums. But could be the idea that foods can burn fat really accurate.

What are quick burning foods?

You know currently if we consume a lot more calories than our entire body can burn we obtain bodyweight.

It's true that certain foods will boost your metabolism but only in case you consume them as a component of the successful diet and lbs loss programme.

Fat burning foods.

Fat burning foodstuff #1: Apples:

Do you keep in mind the old saying "An apple each day keeps the physician away".

Properly not only a doctor but also the additional weight as well.

Apples include the highest percentage of pectin, this is really a soluble fiber.
There was an intriguing study in Brazil about bodyweight loss and apples .

2 groups of dieters had been receiving precisely the exact same quantity of calories but with 1 exception.

A single group was acquiring an apple before each and every meal. And this team lost 33% far more in kilos.

Fat burning meals #2: Garlic:

Garlic is a person from the most successful fat burning foods.

It consists of the compound allicin which has anti bacterial effects and assists decrease cholesterol and unhealthy fats.

Fat burning food #3 Tomatoes:

Tomatoes is extremely powerful to add on your diet plan. Not only are they excellent within your battle versus overweight but they're also an exceptional prevention in opposition to cancers and higher blood pressure.

Fat burning foods #4 Carrots:

Adding a carrot to the beginning of each and every meal is often a really efficient solution to drop fat. Why do you ask? The carrot leaves no room within the stomach for your dessert.
When utilizing this trick you should been capable to get rid of about a pound in a person week.

Fat burning dinners # five: Oranges

Oranges are wealthy in Vitamin C and they've fat burning properties.
In comparison with workout routines they may be an useful strategy to shed fat.

Fat burning foods # 6: Mangoes

Mangoes are total packed with fiber and are low in calories from fat.

Fat burning foods #7: Spinach.

Popey gets his strength by eaten spinach and yes they are quite wholesome. Spinach contains plenty of iron; it is an outstanding nutrition meals and is really a very good prevention in opposition to cancer.

Please maintain in thoughts that this list isn't completed. A excellent method to shed fat with eating is meals wealthy in fibres, reduced calories from fat and food that provides your belly a feeling of becoming fulfilled.

I hope you have enjoyed the list of 7 fat burning foods.

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