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The Benefits of Fasting
Jan 15th, 2014 by Aldouspi

The Benefits of Fasting

Fasted has been done since ancient times. There are many people claiming that fasting has a lot of health benefits. Fasts, lasting anywhere from 20 to 36 hours can reduce risks for heart disease, diabetes and maybe even cancer.

Fasting does not cause your metabolism to slow down or affect your blood sugar. Short fasts can actually cause cells to become more responsive to insulin.

Short fasts also reduce oxidative stress and cell inflammation. Some research suggests that fasting slows the aging process within cell mitochondria. All of this knowledge is still relatively new and studies are still being conducted, but there are a lot of people who practice intermittent fasting as an anti-aging strategy.

Fasting for Weight Loss

When people occassionally skip a meal, they usually eat more at the next meal. Fasters, however, never really make up the calories when they return to eating freely. This goes against everything you've probably heard, but skipping meals for an entire day can actually be an effective method for losing weight.

When Not to Fast

If you're severely underweight, pregnant, have a serious medical condition, are diabetic or are recovering from recent surgery, then you really shouldn't fast without first consulting your physician. If these conditions do not apply to you and you'd like to try an occasional fast, here are some guidelines you should follow:

Stay In control.

Don't try to lose all the targeted weight in one session. Fasting for 20 hours is enough time to have the effect you desire.

Stay hydrated.

If you're fasting for Ramadan or Yom Kippur you're invariably required go without water.

No lasting effects will occur, but you will often end up somewhat dehydrated. That's why Ramadan fasts traditionally begin or end with some form of hydration. You can eat soups, and fruit, or consume large amounts of water to overcome this. If you're not fasting for religious reasons, you should drink plenty of water during your fast.

Refrain from vigorous exercise.

It is perfectly fine to engage in moderate exercise such as walking, but don't consider running a marathon or hiking over a mountain. Your body does not have enough energy to attempt something like this.

Avoid operating heavy machinery.

Heavy machinery (even automobiles) should be avoided until you know how you feel while fasting. On rare occasions fasting may cause unforeseen effects which may limit the abilities necessary.

When you do eat, make sure that you eat high nutrition meals.

If you're going to eat less, you need to make sure that you still get the nutrition you need in the meals you do it. It stands to reason-lower volume, higher content.

Know when to stop.

If your weight goes below where you want it to be, you need to adjust your fasting schedule so that it is more spread out.

Juice Fasting.

Juice fasting is normally done in order to detoxify the body. These types of fasts can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Juices consumed during these periods are very nutritious. They are made from freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables and sometimes contain other nutritious ingredients.
Because pure juice contains little to no fiber, juice fasters often include psylium fiber in the juice mixture. They may also perform enemas or take laxatives during their fast to aid in regular bowel movements.

Duane Norland is a writer who is very knowledgable about fasting and its effects on the human body. In fact, he has a website devoted to this very topic. You can find it at Benefits of Fasting, where he provides up to date information on the topic. He also suggests different fasting schedules, including Intermittent Fasting, The Daniel Fast, and much more.

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Fat Loss Diet Plan
Jan 6th, 2014 by Aldouspi

Fat Loss Diet Plan

For many people losing weight can be a struggle.  The most common weight loss scenario includes a person being able to lose a couple of pounds. Eventually, that person would most likely reach a weight loss plateau, which is when the body has a hard time continuing to lose weight.  This is where many people think that they can no longer lose weight and get discouraged.  By following the fat loss diet plan, one can get over that stubborn plateau that won’t budge and lose the amount of weight that they desire, within reason. 

One of the first steps to the fat loss diet plan is drinking the right kind of fluids.  Water is the one source of fluid that is vital to a person’s well-being.  By drinking water it ensures that the body stays hydrated.  Hydration plays a role in weight loss by tricking a person’s mind into feeling that their stomach is fuller than it actually is.  This is done by drinking a glass of water before every meal and helps to prevent a person from overeating.

Drinking the wrong fluids can screw up a person’s fat loss diet plan.  Alcohol, carbonated beverages, and juices all contain ingredients and additives that can reverse a person’s weight loss.  All of these drinks have calories and depending upon how many servings of fluids the person intakes, the calories can add up significantly. 

The next step to the fat loss diet plan is eating the right foods.  One of the best resources is the basic food pyramid. The pyramid starts at the top which contains the foods that should not be frequently consumed, such as cake and candy.  It works its way down to the bottom of the pyramid with foods that the body needs more of, such as grains, fruits and vegetables.

The last step a person must do to stay on track of the fat loss diet plan is to exercise.  It’s not enough to intake healthy foods and drinks.  One must do some sort of moderate exercise at least 3 days a week for 30 minutes a day or more.  Exercise gets the blood circulating, keeping a person healthy and staying fit at the same time.  When a person exercises the body releases endorphins.  The endorphins are what helps to make a person feel good, and the better a person feels then the more motivated they will get.


Author Bio: Food Lovers Fat Loss System is a fat loss diet plan which helps you reduce your weight by eating all your favorite foods. Guided by Robert Ferguson, you learn to reduce your waistline while expanding your lifeline through creating health.


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Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers.

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