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Dairy Products Your Should Be Eating

Dairy Products Your Should Be Eating

It is hard for many adults to get the recommended daily allowance of dairy products. When you think about it, as you get older, the things that you like to eat generally donít include dairy. As a kid, your mom made sure you had your milk at dinner and you probably ate your share of cereal. Dairy products are important and you need to make sure you eat at least three servings each day.

It is recommended that most adults have about 1000 milligrams of calcium each day. The best way to get that is through low fat dairy. You can eat cheese, but most of it is high fat. If you are pregnant, you will need more calcium each day (1500 milligrams) to protect you and your little one. If you are not getting enough calcium, then try the following dairy products.

Low fat yogurt: If you are not eating low fat yogurt, then get some today. There are many brands on the market and many of them contain your favorite fruit flavors. Look for low fat yogurt as opposed to those made with whole milk. Low fat yogurt is better for you and will help you get your daily amount of calcium. You can use yogurt to make smoothies, parfaits with fruit and granola and you can freeze it for a frozen treat. Kids love yogurt today, so go to the store and find the kind you like the best.

Low fat, string cheese: Low fat cheese is a good option when you are trying to get in the right amount of calcium each day. Look for mozzarella string cheese and keep it for quick snacks. You can also wrap a piece in a whole grain tortilla for a quick lunch.

Skim milk: If you are still buying whole milk, now is the time to switch. Your body does not need all the fat that whole milk gives you. With skim milk, you will get the all the calcium and nutrients that you need, but with very little of the fat. If you have been drinking whole milk for a long time, it may be hard for you to get used to the different taste and texture of skim milk, but it is so much better for you.

Ice cream: Now before you get excited about eating your share of ice cream, remember that some ice cream is better for you than others. You should avoid high fat, high sugar ice cream. Instead, opt for ice cream that is low in fat, or made with yogurt. These are the better choices. You get the same great taste and all the calcium you need.

When you need to make sure that you get the right amount of calcium in your diet, then check out these favorite diary products that are good for you and low fat. There are many other great dairy products you can buy. For example, switch your full fat sour cream to low fat for a good alternative. Make these changes and get the good calcium you need.

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