How Exercise Helps Weight Loss Surgery
October 14th, 2011 by Aldouspi

How Exercise Helps Weight Loss Surgery

With any weight loss plan, exercise plays a vital role. Not only does exercise help lose the fat, but it can also help tone muscles, give a person more energy and help the person feel better, too. Weight loss surgery is no exception. It does not work alone. Instead, it is critical that a patient add in carefully planned out dietary needs and a daily routine of exercise.

Some obese patients may find that exercise is difficult. Obesity causes shortness of breath and can make a person feel very tired. After weight loss surgery, the doctor will carefully assess the patient to find out when it is acceptable to start exercising. Depending on the type of weight loss surgery, this can take anywhere from four to six weeks following surgery. After that time, it is important for the patient to find an exercise program that he or she will find easy to stick to and can work at their own pace. Sometimes, an exercise routine should start out slow and as the weight begins to fall off, can be gradually increased.

There are several reasons why weight loss surgery patients should add exercise in their daily regimen. The main reason is to aid in weight loss. A patient who has had weight loss surgery will already be taking in fewer calories, but exercise can improve the end results of the surgery. Using an exercise routine can help a patient increase their energy levels and boost their metabolism, too. When a person has a good metabolism, he or she can burn calories faster than before.

Another big reason to include exercise everyday following weight loss surgery is that the exercise can reduce the chance of needing plastic surgery from excess skin. Many weight loss surgery patients find that after losing so much weight in a short period of time, they have excess weight. This can be anywhere on the body including on the back of the arms, buttocks and in the abdomen area. Plastic surgery will remove the excess skin from these areas, but it is only considered after at least a year following surgery. With daily exercise, the skin has a better chance of molding or contouring to the body gradually. This is one huge benefit of including exercise following weight loss surgery.

When it is time to decide what kind of exercise routine is best, a patient should consider the type of exercise that they will enjoy the most. This will make it much easier to stick to the routine. Walking is a good start for most. Many people can stay motivated to exercise by carrying a small radio or cd player while working out. Working out with a friend can also increase motivation and help a person stay on track. It is usually recommended that weight loss surgery patients begin their exercise routine with a daily walk. This should be done at least five times a week for 20 minutes each day. As the body adjusts to the weight loss and exercise, patients should add in other aerobic activities. Some beneficial exercises might include swimming, biking, golfing and working out on machines at the gym.

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