Insurance and Finances in Weight Loss Surgery
August 19th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Insurance and Finances in Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is known as a major surgery that is available. Because of the risks as well as the type of surgery it can cost a lot without the proper insurance in place. It is important to know what the finances will be in relation to the surgery, as well as what insurance will cover. This will help you to decide on whether the surgery is right for you.

The first question that enters into most of those who are considering weight loss surgery is whether their insurance will pay for the costs. This, of course will depend on the insurance coverage that you have. However, it can be expected that most health insurance companies will cover the cost of your surgery. Because weight loss surgery is considered to be a surgical intervention, it is considered valid by your insurance.

In order for you to get the right coverage on your insurance, you will need to meet certain criteria. This includes being over one-hundred pounds overweight with a body mass index of over forty. It also includes recognition and proof that other weight loss methods and diets have been tried and have failed. Insurance companies will also want to know if you have any medical conditions because of your weight. Different insurance companies will require different documents and forms to be filled out to make sure that you meet these qualifications. These will all help you to qualify for coverage by your insurance for the weight loss surgery.

After you have been approved by the surgeon, a letter of necessity will be sent to the insurance company. This letter will state why you need the surgery as well as specific qualifications in relation to the surgery. This step is known as preauthorization. Before any surgery can begin, the insurance company will need to make sure that it is a necessary surgery that meets all qualifications that have been specified by that company.

If your insurance company does not give you authorization to have the weight loss surgery, then you can take different steps to get approved. The first recommended step is to appeal the insurance companies reasoning. This is a simple letter written back to the insurance company stating why you need the surgery. You can also ask for a second opinion or have someone else review the information. If they state that you are qualified, then your insurance company will have to change their position. If the insurance company still does not approve your surgery, and you know that you will need it, you can speak to a legal firm or switch your insurance company.

Knowing the importance of the insurance involved in your weight loss surgery is important in determining whether you will be getting the surgery and what steps you have to take to be covered by your insurance. By knowing what this involves and understanding the process for being qualified for surgery by your insurance, it will make the processes before surgery easier mentally as well as financially.

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