Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery
August 6th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery

You've decided to get weight loss surgery and have done the proper investigation to find the right kind of surgery, as well as the right surgeon. Before the day of surgery, you will need to prepare specific things. Because weight loss surgery is a major operation, it is important to make sure that you have everything you need before you walk into the surgeon's office.

The first type of preparation you will have to do is mental preparation. Understanding the surgical procedure that you will be going through will help to keep your mind calm and in control. This not only includes asking the surgeon questions, but also investigating on your own to clearly understand what will be happening. You should also remind yourself what the after effects will be. This should include risks during and after the surgery as well as weight loss benefits that you will be able to have.

Preparing mentally for the process you will have to go through after the surgery is also important. There are several that will set a support group in place to make sure that they will be able to change their eating and exercise habits. Some will also find ways to offer themselves self-support. Remembering what condition you were in before the decision will help you to continue to move through the procedures not only during the surgery, but also afterwards.

The next preparations that should be done are in relation to physical aspects. You should not have anything but liquids for twelve to twenty-four hours before the surgery. Eating before surgery may cause complications during the process. You should also make sure that your medications will not cause complications during the surgery, and know what your options are for changing them or continuing them during the surgery. It is also recommended to quit smoking at least a month before the surgery. This will help your lungs and your heart to physically prepare for the surgery.

You should also prepare for the hospital stay that you will need after the surgery. Things that will make you comfortable during your stay, medications and any other supplies that you feel you will need should all be packed and brought with you to the hospital. This will make your stay after surgery more comfortable and more like home. When you do arrive home, it will be best if you have things set up to make you comfortable without having to do much work. This will help in your recovery process. This may include things like vitamins and foods that you will need after the surgery.

Knowing what to expect after your surgery, as well as mentally and physically preparing for the surgery and after surgery will make the process smoother for you. Taking your surgeon's advice on what you will need and what to prepare, as well as knowing what to do for yourself will ensure that surgery will be the least painful as possible. By preparing for your surgery, it will make the rest of the process easier to handle.

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