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Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss Surgery
May 23rd, 2011 by Aldouspi

Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss Surgery

Those who have had weight loss surgery will find a significant difference in their energy levels as well as how they look. However, there are often times where the drastic change in weight leaves behind extra skin that was used to support the extra weight. If this is the case, then having plastic surgery can help you in going back to a normal body shape after the weight has been lost.

Weight loss surgery can allow you to loose an average of two pounds every week. This change can move you from belonging to the category of morbid obesity to being on target weight and being healthy. However the extra weight will often times stretch the skin on your body. Because of this, you may have found that you have lost the weight, but not the extra skin that was used for your body. The problem with this extra skin is that it won't disappear with diet and exercise. This can then cause problems with looks, finding the right type of clothing and hygiene problems.

There are several types of plastic surgery procedures that you can consider having. The first is known as abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck. This will not only remove the extra skin from this area, but will also tighten muscles that are near your abdomen. This is done by an incision being made in the abdomen. The extra skin will be removed from the incision, and then stitched back together. This is one of the more popular surgeries as most of the skin is found to stay around this area.

If the extra skin is in other areas, you can also use plastic surgery. Arms and thighs are common places to have extra skin that may need to be removed. You can also consider a face lift to remove the extra skin. Often times, not having this surgery will cause you to look older than you really are. Plastic surgery for your face can be divided to having an eye, brow or complete face lift. There are also options for having a complete lower body lift if you have several places with excess skin.

If you are considering plastic surgery to remove excess skin from your weight loss surgery and new figure, it is best to give your body some time to not only loose the weight but be ready for the surgery. The surgeries will cause your body to be stressed from the incisions and performance. Because of this, it is best to give some time before deciding to perform the surgery.

Plastic surgery is one possible step that may be implemented after you have received weight loss surgery. If you have found that you have lost a large amount of weight but the rest of your body isn't making the right changes, then plastic surgery can help. Before looking into this, make sure that you are healthy and at your target weight. From here, you can decide the areas to get the excess skin removed; giving you a cleaner and healthier look.

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