Is Weight Loss Surgery Effective
March 5th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Is Weight Loss Surgery Effective?

There are several elements that need to be considered before deciding on weight loss surgery. This type of surgery is fairly new and has not received a large amount of research on its effectiveness. However, there are several things that will help to determine if weight loss surgery is effective for your personal needs. These have all been defined by the surgeons who have noted the responses from weight loss surgery.

One of the major questions that are asked before weight loss surgery is how much weight will be lost and whether this is an effective method in relation to how much is lost. Before this can be answered, a surgeon will need to determine specific individual factors. This will first be determined by from age and weight. All of these will cause specific amounts of weight to be lost in certain amounts of time.

From here, the surgery can be proven to be effective by the conditions in which the patient has. If there are several health problems that have occurred, it will be harder to loose the weight and stay with the lifestyle changes. It is known that those with Type 2 diabetes will have a harder time loosing weight than those without. However, the other conditions that are related to obesity were lost with the weight loss after the surgery in most of the patients. Those with diabetes also stated that their conditions with diabetes improved after receiving the surgery.

Another determination in the effectiveness of weight loss surgery is the mental stability of the patient. This includes commitment as well as motivation. If one is not committed to the process that takes place after the surgery, they will be less likely to loose the weight that they need. Proper exercise and a change in nutrition will both need to be part of the post-surgery procedure. If these are not followed, the surgery will not be affective.

From several clinical studies that have been done, the surgical process for weight loss is known to be over fifty percent effective in patients. There are several who have lost the weight after the surgery, but have not committed to the process, which moved them back to being morbidly obese. However, it is known that fifty percent of the patients who have received this surgery have kept their weight off for at least fifteen years, proving it's effectiveness to those who are committed.

As can be seen, weight loss surgery has been proven to be an effective way to loose weight. The major determining factor in its effectiveness is one's ability to devote them to being healthy and continuing to loose the weight. While there are several factors to consider when deciding whether weight loss surgery is effective, it will mostly depend on the individual's motivation and commitment to the process, as well as their ability to proceed with their health later on. The surgery is known to be effective initially, while the rest is up to the person considering the weight loss surgery.

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