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Fasting for Weight Loss – Does it really Work?
October 28th, 2010 by Aldouspi

Fasting for Weight Loss - Does it really Work

Fasting for weight loss is thought to be a way to lose weight quickly and easily, without the need to exercise. The truth is, in nearly all cases, fasting for weight loss is not reliable for the body Better to switch to healthier foods such fruit juices and smashed vegetables. Fasting for weight loss is a kind of anorexia. However, their body fat analysis typically shows a large percentage of their weight is still fat after the fast ends.

Fasting for weight loss is very popular among women. And there is a health value when done right. Toxins can be removed from the body and the metabolic rate can be increased. A short fast of a day - once a week or twice a month is recommended for health values.

Fasting for weight loss is another game altogether. Most of the weight you lose is only fluids and will return as soon as you return to regular eating.

There are various methods of fasting, such as restricting all foods and only drinking certain liquids, restricting some food groups for a period of time, and restricting foods on alternate days. Fasting for weight loss is extremely versatile as you could simply cut your fast short, if you had other plans, or an emergency popped up.

Juice fasting for weight loss takes both these of issue and swiftly nips them in the bud. Built around the simple idea that by flooding your body with abundant quantities of high quality bioavailable nutrition in the form of enzyme rich fruit and vegetable juices, the body's nutritional needs are satisfied and cravings disappear. In a sense it is really just changing your diet to a healthier one.

Juice fasting or any sort of fasting is harmful for pregnant, nursing women or children. And those who will be undergoing or have undergone surgery, should not do a juice fasting. Juice fasting is a method of fasting often used for detoxification, while still getting beneficial nutrients to your body. Fad diets starve the body of nutrients and should be avoided.

Starting a fast is thought to have a spiritual component by some. And many fast for religious reasons.

Eating right and healthy alone will help you reach your weight goals. And exercising on a regular basis will speed this weight gain. Eat light meals that include raw fruits and vegetables, and small servings of lean protein and brown rice.

Eating vegetables high in fiber should help fill you up. Fruits cleanse while vegetables rejuvenate. Eating small, frequent meals does in fact increase metabolism and it does it for a sustained period of time.

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