Losing Weight In A Week – It Is Not Impossible
October 12th, 2010 by samfrea

Losing weight in a week is not impossible and you can find many programs that can help you to get rid a couple of pounds in a week, but in this case I'm pretty sure that you are looking for 'significant' loss, not just 1-2 pounds. Usually it is not recommended to lose weight in such pace, but I'm sure you have your own reasons.

While it is not possible to do it in traditional ‘healthy’ dieting (it will take months) or even modern dieting with breakthrough method such as calorie shifting, you can do it with a 60 years old forgotten method: Master Cleanse Diet. This method can give you unbelievable fast weight loss as well as the one to choose if you're looking for diet without exercise.

What is Master Cleanse and how it can answer the question “how to lose weight in a week”?

Master Cleanse is a fasting and detoxification method that involves drinking a mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water for a period time. The original aim is to cleanse your body from harmful toxins, but due to the absolute restriction of solid food, the user can also gain rapid weight loss. Read fasting weight loss to learn more about fasting that designed for weight loss purpose.

Master Cleanse diet duration is last for 10 days, but once the cleansing effect start to kicks in, you will have really fast weight loss (some of the users even report two pounds loss per day).

The problem is this program will cause many side effects such as hunger, head ache, and other discomforts; these side effects have made many dieters that try Master Cleanse can’t even pass through the first three days. That’s why under ‘normal’ circumstance, most people will go for regular diet with arranged meal plans and exercise routines.

So, how can you manage to do it when most of other dieters fail?

If you really have solid reasons to lose weight in a week, now is the time to prove your resolution to have it. Now, don’t worry, while willpower is important, I will not tell you to rely purely on it.

Here's an easier way: read a guide that written by Raylen Sterling about tips and tricks to carry out this diet. Raylen has many years of experience in using Master Cleanse Diet and in his guide, you can find how he made little adjustment to make the diet easier without reducing the result.

These are what you will learn from Raylen’s book:

  • Getting through the hardest part of the diet: the first three days.
  • A list of safe foods to ‘cheat’ the fasting diet.
  • Reducing the side effects from the diet, including cravings.
  • How to use Master Cleanse for weight loss purpose by keeping your metabolism high.

Master Cleanse is a safe way to lose weight if you do it properly with professional instructions and due to the program’s basic (fasting), no other diet program can keep up with the rapid weight loss speed. Learn more about what you can get from Raylen's guide at a review of Master Cleanse Secrets.

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