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Is It Genetics Or Lifestyle? Weight Loss – The Reason For The Obesity Epidemic
September 29th, 2010 by samfrea

Why are so many people categorised as obese finding it so difficult to achieve successful and sustainable weight loss?

Obesity is defined by the World health Organisation (WHO) as "abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health". It is predicted that by the year 2015 that 700 million people will be classified as obese.

Every day is exactly the same for man of us, and it requires little to no effort. We simply do what we do and we satisfy the requirements of our life and times. We are not robots, but we sure seem to have careers that even a robotic empire would grow tired of. We are not people of a lesser mind or anything along those lines, but we seem to grow callous to our conditions and move towards disinformation as if it holds the answer. For those looking to find obesity symptoms and causes, there is a plethora of information out there that can be of service.

2. I Included Cardio Workouts

While trying to shed pounds of body fat with acai berries, I also decided to include some cardio workouts in my daily cessions. I worked out four days a week for an hour each day. After a short while, I started to feel the effects of the cardio workout cession and my body started becoming slimmer and fitter. Within a short span of thirty days, I had successfully managed to lose thirty two pounds of body fat.

3. I Ate A Healthy Diet

While trying to get slim, I started eating healthy food. I included sprouts, green leafy vegetables, raw salads, pulses, grilled fish and I also drank eight to ten glasses of water a day. This helped improve my metabolism and I was able to loose weight easily. At the same time, I started avoiding cheese burgers and pizzas.

If the obesity epidemic is to be curbed and managed then it is vital that those who are already obese do all they can to lose weight and maintain that weight loss in the future. Those who are prone to weight gain need to educate themselves to eat healthy, nutritious, well balanced meals to ensure that obesity and ill health isn't going to dictate their future

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