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Ionized Water Is A Powerful Antioxidant
July 30th, 2010 by samfrea

Is there a way to turn tap water into a super active antioxidant? Most absolutely yes! The nature of many antioxidant compounds is to have what is called a negative ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) measurement. Oxygen reduction potential is a scientific measurement of the potential of any chemical to cause free radical damage to the body. Therefore a substance with a negative ORP measurement is the converse of that. These substances that measure negatively are a human cell's best friend because they hunt down and eradicate oxidative free radicals before they get a chance to damage cell walls or the nucleus. When you convert regular water into ionized water, you have basically created a powerful antioxidant that you can drink every day, renewing every cell in your body. One of the great advantages that ionized antioxidant water has over other antioxidant juices or supplements is that the supply is literaly as limited to how much water you let out of the tap. Below we will look at some of the characteristics of ionized water.

Ionized Water: More Oxygen for the Body

The ionization of water creates what are called hydroxyl ions. The water ionization process in essence happens when an electric charge is run through the tap water, electrically changing the water molecules by adding one extra electron to every oxygen atom in every water molecule. The oxygen molecule transforms into a hydroxyl ion that is primarily responsible for the water's antioxidant abilities. Hydroxyl ions do most of the antioxidant work of scavenging for free radicals and protecting the cell membrane. As the free radicals are liquidated, the cells in turn receive more oxygen from the processes.

Not having enough oxygen in bodily tissues is tremendously commonplace and its due to our higher levels of toxicity in the environment now. There  are lower levels of oxygen in the world now, especially in our food supply. Oxygen alone is also crucial in fighting free radicals and in getting rid of our body's waste. It is definitely one of the most needed elements the body uses.

Antioxidant Ionized Water is Most Effective in Terms of Potency When It is Ingested Fresh From the Water Ionizer

As the water comes out of the water ionizing machine, millions of timy bubbles are formed. This is part of the process of creating hydroxyl ions. The negative  ORP quality of the water only lasts for 18 to 24 hours. That is why you should drink the water right after you pour it.

Ionized Water Also Provides Another Benefit: High Alkalinity

Because of now's processed foods and high levels of chemicals and toxins, our bodies have in general become more acidic than in the past. Also, it has been determined that soft drinks are incredibly acidic and they are highly consumed all ove the world. Acidic body pH has been determined to account for many different types of diseases and ailments. Ionized water is tremendously alkaline with a low pH content.

Keeping your body pH balanced and basic is another great benefit of alkaline ionized water and also helps to rid the body of acid waste. The result form this is a body that is better protected from diseases. So remember to keep yourself alkaline.

Another amazing attribute of alkaline ionized water is its ability hydrate your body up to 6 times more than just plain water.

Our bodies are composed of about 60% water. The notion that water is an essential element for life is no minor statement. Dehydration in the cellular level is a commonplace condition these days. The absence of water in our bodies can cause our cells to be weak and vulnerable. We really don't drink enough water these days. So how can ionized water help to hydrate the body?

Changing the Shape of Water Molecules

As the hydroxyl ions are created when the water is ionized, the water molecules also go under a transformation in terms of their shape. The molecule becomes more compact and the configuration of the molecules turns into a hexagonal shape. The smaller more compact molecule gives it the ability to penetrate the tissues of the body much easier. Because of this, ionized water is 6 times more hydrating than usual water.

Detoxify Your System With Ionized Water

The same reason that ionized water is a great hydrator also makes it a great detoxifyer. The small water molecules have a greater ability to flush out toxins from the body. You can regulate the magnitude of ionization, and it's recommended that you start at a low level to get used to the ionized water.

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