Including Fasting In Your Diet – Is It Safe?
July 5th, 2010 by samfrea

Fasting for weight loss is an attractive option for many people for several reasons such as quick weight loss and detoxification. There are several ways to go about a fasting weight loss program: restricting all foods and having a totally liquid diet, restricting foods only on certain days, or restrict certain food groups for a specific period of time. Some of them are marked as fad diet because it offer fast result but it is very difficult to keep the weight off once you start eating a normal diet again.

Is a fasting diet a safe way to lose weight? It is depends on many factors; people with certain health issues such as cancer, diabetes, liver, kidney, or lung disease are not advised to do this kind of program. Pregnant and lactating women are not recommended either, since it can harm both the mother and the baby in various ways. For women who want to lose weight after pregnancy, check how you can do it without harming yourself or the baby at how to lose pregnancy weight.

Otherwise, if you think that you have a fit body, just go for it; one day fast is unlikely to cause any harm to a healthy body, even a little longer fast is still tolerable if you have a fit body.

If you do have a plan to starting a fasting weight loss program then you needs to prepare yourself properly, both body condition and lifestyle; depend on what type of fasting you will go through. Whether you're planning a short fast (anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks) or a long fast (lasting more than 3 weeks), there are some things you need to keep in mind before you start:

1. If you are doing heavy physical activity in regular basis, you might want to stop it while in the program since it can cause headaches and other side effects.

2. Prior to fasting slowly decrease the amount of canned and processed foods you eat; also decrease your consumption of cigarettes, salt, refined sugar and other foods that can cause food allergies. Cut them off completely all of a sudden will result in headaches, stomachaches, and other discomfort.

3. Before you begin your fast, start decreasing your portion sizes and increasing the amount of time between meals. That way, it will be easier during the fast to control your hunger.

4. Make sure you have a thorough knowledge of what you should be doing during the fast. Keep remind yourself of the cause and goals of the project, this will help you to stay away from any desire to quit halfway.

5. If you are under 18 or have any chronic health issues make sure to consult your doctor before you start.

Usually, this type of fasting can help you lose weight quickly as well as detoxify your body. For a 'short complete fasting', you should repeat it periodically until you get the results that you want. Remember NOT to extend it more than recommended. Check my recommendation for this type of fasting at lose weight in a week - how to do it. For an extended fast, you should only do it under a doctor supervision.

Another variety is the 'short fast'; it will last only 1 or 2 days. It's difficult to use this type of fast and really achieve good results, thus only a few diet programs can do it. Personally, I’m recommend this type more since it is not difficult to do and doesn’t generate side effects like a longer fasting do.

Fasting for weight loss has many variations, benefits, and consequences. However, an expert dietitian can include fasting to achieve fast weight loss without making the user sacrificing his body fitness, thus the user can still do his daily activities. My top recommendation for fasting diet is a well designed and easily implemented 'short fast' type; check it at Eat Stop Eat review.

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