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The Various Recipe Of Low Carbohydrate Bread Mix
June 22nd, 2010 by samfrea

Due to its taste ,scent,quality and texture,bread is a very popular food among almost everyone. Bread is a staple food which forms the basis of a traditional diet and can  be stored or produced fresh throughout the year. Therefore, this has made bread an immensely popular food. However, some,especially individuals who are following low carbohydrate diets may choose not to consume bread as it contains high amounts of carbohydrates. Therefore, the low carbohydrate bread mix would provide a means to satisfy the bread cravings of those who are denied it due to health issues.

All bread is produced from flour and  this flour that is used in the bread mix contains high amounts of carbohydrates. Therefore, flour substitutes including soy flour,rye flour and sugar substitutes such as artificial sweeteners are used in the low carbohydrate bread mix to cut down the number of carbs. This kind of bread can be regarded as more nutritious than regular bread as they are high sources of protein and fibre due to the usage of soy flour. Even ready-made low carbohydrate breads are available in the market by different manufacturers.

A slice of bread made from a low carbohydrate bread mix usually contains only about 3 carbohydrates while a regular slice of bread contains nearly 10 carbohydrates. Hence, it is ideal for the ones who wish to enjoy the wonders of bread while following a low carb diet. In addition, one can prepare several other foods that include bread in the recipe as the low carbohydrate bread mix support several recipes. One can save room for other high carbohydrate foods such as pasta at the same time being well within the daily carbohydrate limits.

In order to use a low carbohydrate bread mix, one needs a good bread maker. As certain brands of low carbohydrate bread mix requires specifically manufactured bread making machines, it is vital to check whether the bread mix one wishes to use is compatible with the bread making machine. Even though readily made low carbohydrate bread is available in the market, fresh and delicious bread could be made in a relatively short time period in one's own home using a good bread maker.

Even  bread pudding, croutons and other foods that are not usually allowed in a low carbohydrate diet can be made using the low carbohydrate bread mix. Nevertheless, as many products are not properly labeled and are out of stock due to high popularity, finding a good low carbohydrate bread mix would probably be the hardest task.

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