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Pole Dancing Lesson For Fitness
June 14th, 2010 by samfrea

I don't know if you have noticed this be pole dancing lessons are becoming an extremely popular way of getting fit. There are lots of reasons for this but primarily it is because it is a fun and new idea. You get people from many backgrounds because it is so much fun. It isn't unusual to see a pole dancing class filled with men, women, young, old, fit and unfit.

Socialising can be a big part of pole dancing lessons. You can use it as a way of meeting new friends or you could treat it as a great night out with your already close friends. It is such a welcoming environment to help you settle in. If you would prefer some privacy then you can use a DVD. Still great fun and a great workout.

You should notice that you are becoming more agile and flexible as well as becoming fitter. Given the type of moves at you will be don't this is surprising. You don't have to worry about it being hard, it is easy to pick up.

The use of the pole makes it a great resistance workout. The best exercise for toning and strengthening is resistance exercise. You will notice this especially in your upper body. Once you start strengthening your core you should see some real improvements to both your balance and posture. Your fitness will improve very quickly.

You might be surprised how qucikly this happens. Now I know that when some people first hear about pole dancing lessons they have some bad thoughts. This is understandable but things have changed. There are more people taking it up eveyday as a way of becoming fit. If you start now then you will probably will be able to do it in a purpose built room that is designed in a way so that it can be taught properly.

When you are at pole dancing classes you are performing both aerobic and anearobic exercises. This is one of the reasons why it is so good for getting you fit. Combined with it being so much fun (even hen parties book them!) you don't even notice how hard work it is until you notice yourself in the mirror on weigh yourself on the scales.

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