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May 19th, 2010 by samfrea

Escape has devoted heavily in technology to ensure that we can render the latest Dumbbells to our customers in order that they, successively, can reserve an reinforced training experience.For Instance we have dedicated manufacturing plants and independent superior control facilities to guarantee that our Dumbbells are evolved to the highest standards demanded by our patents and specifications.

Also, we are extending to innovate across our selection to allow for more options to our customers.

Our modernised polyurethane dumbbells blend a modernistic design with an optimum strength and 3 year guarantee to render a modernized and functional dumbbell.

Polyurethane Dumbbells

The modernized Escape PU dumbbells have been projected with colour coded ends to guarantee that instructors can experience that the clients are practicing acceptable weight increments and that the dumbbells are correctly {stored} on their stands after use.

Red - The 2-20kg ranges are the most common in the gym as the relatively lighter weights make them visible to the majority of gym users. Position them in the free-weight zone for warm ups or in the PT zone for one-to-one customers.

Grey - Like the 2-20kg grades, the 22-40kg dumbbells are supplied in increments of 2kg. This permits the user to establish a steady procession in their training without receding form or compromising on their workout by having to increase weight to a point that is too high.

Black - designed for the more sophisticated user, the 42-50kg selection combines the challenge of higher weight levels with the durability of polyurethane construction.

Rubber Dumbbells and Barbell Sets

Escape Rubber Dumbbells and Barbells have been developed to combine functionality, durability and current aesthetics and they will enhance the appearance of any free weight sphere.

Mixed with a choice of compact storage alternatives and matching benches, the Escape range makes free-weight developing obtainable to more users than ever before:

Dumbbell sets with compact storage - we all wish we had more space, but would we genuinely need it if we prepared more usage of what we currently have?

Sufficient space in the free-weight region is required in order to allow for members to train safely. This upright stand is appealing and functioning assuming less than half the space of a average horizontal rack. It

carries sets of dumbbells up to 30kg in weight. We also have available a common dumbbell rack, dumbbell stands with cups - to keep your dumbbells stable and sturdy.

The Edge Rubber Dumbbells

Take a step toward the edge.

In reference with customers, Escape features developed a outstanding range of dumbbells in a modernized invention - The Edge.

In weights of 2.5kg up to 50kg in 2.5kg increments, The Edge has a orbicular body and a flattened bottom permitting it to roll then settle on a surface.

Every dumbbell features large colour variant numbers making it simple to identify the weight at a distance.

With the addition of Escape flat racks, you can verify your free-weight sphere stays tidy and stable. As the Edge dumbbell features no bolts or moving parts, it has a strength and performance that sets a innovational regular for dumbbells.

Steel Dumbbell Sets with X stand

The advanced X stand invention and the stylish Steel Dumbbells create an effective and compact add-on to any gym.

Very space-efficient, making it the obvious superior for the busy gym, studio or even the home where it fuses perfectly into the modernised environment.

This Escape Steel Dumbbell Set has been designed for those who require in the very best in terms of functionality,
design and fashion.

The Steel Dumbbells are constructed to the highest regular in durable nickel plated steel with enlarged integral rubber inserts to protect the heads. They are available in sets of 1-10kg (in 1kg increments) or sets of 2-20kg (in 2kg increments) making them acceptable for a wide mixture of users.

Reebok 1-10kg Dumbbell Set rack

Our most compact dumbbell set and rack. The dumbbell set has been redesigned with modernised colours and large numbers to make weight selection simpler. The rack features just been reprojected to make it more space effective while the modernised holders allow for for simpler and safer removal and replacing of dumbbells.

Dumbbell accessories

PU Dumbbell physical exercise posters

A choice of modernised posters matching each of the three PU dumbbell grades. In a large A2 size of 594 x 420 mm they are the ideal complement for any sophisticated free-weight and PT area.

Don't miss this exclusive range of Dumbbells for the ultimate strength training workout.

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