Cleanse Your Body for Peak Performance
April 1st, 2010 by samfrea

To attain maximum performance and make the most of things, we need to cleanse anything regularly. The car goes through a regular oil change, our closet gets a seasonal overhaul and the house is usually thoroughly cleaned during springtime. Now why not do the same for our bodies?

Our bodies are our biggest investments and our performance really depends on keeping it at its optimum condition. The body receives a large dose of physical, chemical and psychological toxins in the air we breathe, the food we take and the unavoidable ups and downs that come with daily life. Under a heavy barrage of toxins, the human body takes on the effects of the Peter Principle and reaches toxicity sooner or later. At this point, it is unable to flush out harmful elements on its own and can start to show symptoms of toxicity.

So what does the human body do with all of these toxins that remain in the system? It stores them in your cells and fat cells and anywhere there is weakness in your body. Toxins are generally stored in the weaker parts because these areas are not able to fight them off like the healthy parts can. This causes the weaker areas to begin to develop disease-like symptoms. If this diseased area is left unattended, it becomes more and more difficult to repair and brought back to good health.

The most common signs of toxicity include prevalent headaches, unexplained fatigue, increased sensitivity, greater susceptibility to infections, overall aches and pains, and digestive malfunction. These symptoms appear when the body is so overwhelmed by toxic elements that it is unable to perform its necessary functions efficiently.

The body usually cleanses itself of toxins through its 5 elimination channels - the colon, the kidney, the skin, the lungs, and the lymphatic system. With toxin build-up, the five elimination channels get clogged, slow down, and can no longer push toxins out of your body so effectively.

In order for the body to cleanse itself of the toxins, it must undergo a process of detoxification. Holding off food is the most common cleansing process but most people feel it's too ruthless on the body. A more acceptable way is to subject it to a cleansing diet that is designed to reload the body with all the essential nutrients as it flushes out the harmful toxins.

Clean 9 comes with all the essential support tools such as a meal planner and exercise guide, and comprehensive literature to walk you through the entire cleansing procedure.

By taking the time to cleanse your system regularly, you encourage your body to function at its peak. Maximizing performance inside and out is crucial to achieving our daily goals and our bodies truly deserve some internal cleansing occasionally.

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