Christian Diet
September 19th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Christian Diet

There is a unique means to lose weight and that is through Christian diet where you can still eat whatever you want without exercise but still you keep losing weight. Normally, dieting is about controlling what you eat and hitting the gym so a diet like that sure sounds unattainable because can you really go on a diet and keep on eating?

Yes it is probable, for nothing is impossible with God and with the help of biblical guidance towards dieting, we are led on what to eat teaching us the right food intake. Junk foods and fast-food ny no means exist in those days, even cooking oil to cook and stoves are absent before. They have simple cooking ingredients which do not add fats to your body.


Until now, one of the deadly sin pertaining to foods is gluttony but since people those days are more God-fearing and scared to commit sin, they are mainly slim. This is because of their way of life and their habits as they are thought in a way to be ftitting, like eating what is set before you meaning people are not choosy of what food to eat, especially when they visit their neighbours so it is really influential if you have the right way to live.

Another thing is not having car or any kind of vehicle in the land and as you know Jesus goes by his own feet together with His disciples to preach from one place to another, except of course if they are touring by sea. Wherever they go they travel by feet and since walking is the best exercise, there is no need for us to use the car for such a small distance and who doesn't walk anyway.

But now, a novel kind of diet is brought back by Terry Stanley with his e-book and videos. Being someone who has a family history of high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes, he learned that the Word of God is very beneficial and now he believes that with a Christian way of living, the weight he desires is attainable. What an astonishing fact so why don't we start changing how we live and go back to fundamentals on the food we eat and walking.

Live a Christian life and get into the Christian diet!!


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