Exercise and Sports Nutrition: Consumer Trends and Product Opportunities – Market Research Report
June 7th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Exercise and Sports Nutrition: Consumer Trends and Product Opportunities - Market Research Report

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Exercise and Sports Nutrition: Consumer Trends and Product Opportunities



The sports nutrition market is benefitting from a rising global awareness of the importance of exercise, which has fostered distinct consumer segments. This report utilises data from Global Consumer Insight survey to identify the drivers of sports nutrition consumption and the key factors that will impact this market going forward

Features and benefits

* Identify the size and unique characteristics of specific sports nutrition consumer segments and how these segments are set to evolve in the future
* Evaluate the potential impact on consumer demand of marketing and product development through utilizing product, consumer and market insight
* Identify and capitalise on the main consumer trends that the report identifies as driving rising demand for sports nutrition products
* Gain a more relevant and strategic insight into the sports nutrition market from a dedicated focus on sports nutrition products
* Gain a detailed insight into key health and exercise trends from extensive annual global consumer survey


28% of consumers overall among the 20 countries that Datamonitor surveys are potential lifestyle users of sports nutrition products. The small proportion of total market spend that lifestyle consumers do account for is primarily directed towards nutritional bars and carbohydrate ready to drinks - these purchases are typically spur of the moment.
Sports energy drinks brands have responded to the different needs of consumers across the spectrum. In addition to their ongoing popularity among the core performance users and regularly active segments, they have permeated the occasionally active and lifestyle users segments – impacting both the health drinks and soft drinks categories.
In addition to generally higher exercise rates, a greater appreciation of health concerns is driving a rising propensity among consumers to purchase food and beverages that can help them towards achieve their health and fitness goals. Functional foods - including those residing within the sports nutrition category - are benefitting from this trend.

Your key questions answered

* How can demand for sports nutrition products be fostered among separate, distinct consumer segments?
* What are the key trends driving consumers' propensity to purchase sports nutrition products?
* Should niche sports nutrition brands actively seek to broaden their appeal among non-core segments?
* How can sports nutrition brands effectively utilise marketing to emphasize product efficacy and maintain authenticity?

Table of Contents :
Introduction: the sports nutrition category is benefitting from a widening appeal among consumers
Sports nutrition products continue to find resonance beyond traditional core users
However, there remain a number of barriers to more widespread appeal for sports nutrition products
Distinct consumer segments are emerging in the sports nutrition market
""Sports nutrition"" definition
Trend: health concerns are rising among consumers
A rising health attentiveness is developing among consumers across the globe and throughout demographics
Rising health attentiveness is inevitably reflected in attitudes towards physical appearance
Consumers that are highly attentive towards physical fitness represent a significant minority
Rising health attentiveness is being driven by rising global obesity
Consumers are also becoming aware of the positive advantages of optimizing physical appearance
Key take-outs and implications: rising health attentiveness is serving to create a large potential pool of consumers that are willing to pro-actively improve their health and fitness
Trend: exercise participation has risen off the back of rising health consciousness
There has been a gradual increase in the amount of exercise being undertaken
Key take-outs and implications: exercise rates are rising, although there remains a clear disconnect between its perceived importance and the attainment of health goals
Trend: consumers sports nutrition buying habits are being driven by rising health attentiveness
Consumers are tailoring their buying habits in response to physical appearance and fitness goals
The appeal of sports nutrition products has been broadening, with unique consumer segments emerging
Sports nutrition manufacturers have also been successful in broadening the use of their products
Key take-outs and implications: the emergence and future evolution of unique consumer segments offers significant potential to the industry

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