History and Suggestions about the modern-day Paleo Diet
March 14th, 2011 by Aldouspi

History and Suggestions about the modern-day Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Preservative Free. Also known as the Caveman Diet or Stone Age Diet. The Paleolithic time period was 10,000 years ago. The Paleolithic period is pre-agriculture and just before man discovered fire. Beans, potatoes and a lot of whole grains are inedible raw. The caveman primarily ate non-toxin edible healthy foods.

Around the Paleolithic period dairy products were not eaten simply because animals had not been domesticated. Consequently, milk wasn't consumed. The Paleo Diet program includes: lean meat, fish, poultry, fresh vegetables, berry, nuts and seeds. Omitted from the diet are grains, potatoes, beans, dairy, salt, processed sugar and prepared meals.

The Paleo weight loss program is simply ditching the current processed food habits and shifting to extreme benefit (preferably raw) foodstuffs our digestive systems were designed to consume.

By doing this, the presumption is that often our bodies introduce to perform in the preferred state. Anecdotally (and scientifically), research say the same principal in regards to this variety of diet -- that countless of health concerns go away, digestive function operates efficiently, migraine headaches subside, unwanted weight is lost, sleeping disruption and panic difficulties decline and energy levels turn into optimum health.

The Paleo diet regime reduces processed sugar, prepared meals, and additional salt. Some other foods that are restricted on the Paleo Diet, together with sugar, salt, potatoes, legumes, grains, dairy and all of processed foods.

Most people assume of diets as a method to starve themselves thin. I believe that the Paleo diet is more of a life-style change, one in which you find a program that is much more suitable for acquiring and maintaining your optimum health goals.

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