hCG Diet Doc
February 22nd, 2011 by Aldouspi

hCG Diet Doc

hCG can help with weight loss when coupled with the appropriate diet, it is important to understand how to optimize its actions by administering it as safely and effectively as possible.  This begins by knowing its source and preparation.  The hCG utilized in the Diet Doc program is derived from isolated and sterile human sources and prepared from by a highly regarded, FDA approved pharmacy here in the United States.  Many other companies obtain their hCG from unknown foreign sources, sometimes nonhuman, or facilities unlicensed and uninspected.  Some purchase hCG illegally without a prescription and sell it on the internet.  Most of the oral liquid hCG on the market does not require a prescription because it is a homeopathic preparation.

The next step is to administer it in the safest manner possible.  While hCG is generally very well tolerated with no to minimal side effects, we are all genetically unique individuals and some patients begin the program on medications or have existing medical conditions.  With our careful medical supervision we can provide our expertise to minimize adverse effects, recommend solutions should they arise, and answer any questions you may have about taking hCG.  We form a team to reach a common goal.

One of the initial efforts to address the complexities of weight loss was made over 50 years ago by Dr. A.T.W. Simeon in Rome, Italy.  He used veery small amounts of a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadatropin (hCG) coupled witha very low calorie diet to help patients lose weight without felling hungry.  At the time he did not know how or why this occurred, he simply observed the results.  Unfortunately, his program did have some unwanted consequences as well, the most important one being that in addition to losing fat mass many of his patients also lost significant amounts of lean body mass.  A couple of decades later another physician, Dr. Daniel Belluscio in Switzerland, began researching hCG for weight loss and discovered some of the mechanisms and pathways through which hCG assists with weight loss.  More recently, we have learned just how active fat cells are signaling mechanisms.  This communication between the brain and fat cells becomes dysfunctional with weight gain and serves to encourage more weight gain.  Until this communication is corrected, patients will struggle with weight loss even when they are eating healthy diets.  The key for any successful weight loss program is to create a negative energy balance while feeling good and controlling hunger.  The physicians of Diet Doc have learned from the advances and mistakes of past weight loss programs and fused this knowledge with their superior understanding of nutrition and weight loss science to create this amazing program for you.

Don't resort to dangerous diet pills or bariatric type surgeries! We have the solution and have worked years to develop a weight loss program that is not to be compared with any other program in existence today.


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We have over a dozen physical locations and the ability to provide weight loss physician visits nationwide, Diet Doc is unique in that we do not limit patient care by physical locations alone.  Our Diet Doc physicians do house calls and will conduct the doctor visit by video or telephone conference, at your convenience if you are not near one of our physical locations.

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